About Us

Integelection Technology
An Election Equipments Provider

Hong Kong Integelection Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electronic/digital election equipments, committed to providing reliable election equipment that will assure the integrity of elections. As a manufacturer of nationally certified voting systems, we maintain a sharp focus on high-quality elections and support.

We Promise

The company boasts of rich experience in election services and a focus on the global market, providing customized electronic election solutions for democratic countries. With years of experience in election services, the Integelection Technology understands the core concerns of our customers, and we hereby promise that Integelection will provide customers with :

Safe, transparent and independent election technologies;

Accurate, immediate and reviewable election results;

Best user experience and technical services.

Convenient and efficient methods for voting & election management;

Information-Based And Automated

The company firmly believes that the information-based and automated modern election system helps to promote the progress of democratic election. It takes "innovative technology and customized services" as the foundation of creation, adheres to the original intention of "bring convenience to voters and the government", and makes efforts to the field of electronic election.

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Intelligent Identification And Analysis

With intelligent identification and analysis as the core technology, the company now has a series of automated solutions from the technology of "voter registration&verification " before the election to the technology of "centralized counting", "site counting" and "virtual voting" on election day, covering the whole process of election management.

Company Culture

Our Vision

Technologies and Innovations keep democracy alive.

Our Mission

With innovative technologies, we contribute to the efficiency, safety and transparency of users’ elections and strive to advance the process of democratic automation in the world.